invalid IPA error. Not-valid ipa file Correct

Sat, Jun 5, 2010


I just wanted to post to all about the error “Invalid IPA”, when downloading an app off of installous. If you are experiencing this error, its caused by one of two reasons.

1. The ipa file is actually corrupted.

2. You know the ipa file isnt corrupted but, installous (or some other downloader) tells you that it is.


Go into installous. Add the source “” and go through their source and get yourself APPSYNC. You want to make sure you download the one that corresponds with your iphone’s firmware. This is just a fix that will do you wonders. Comment if you need any more help on this topic

UPDATE 08/04/10

If you are on iOS4 Make sure to get the AppSync 4.0 🙂


UPDATE 10/15/2010

With the new jailbreak, we thought we’d open discussions on the forum.

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314 Responses to “invalid IPA error. Not-valid ipa file Correct”

  1. jb Says:

    i downloaded tom clancy’s game like rainbowsix and splintercell but i cant install it… i got invalid ipa… i am running firmware ios5… i just need help because i love that game…

  2. Daloof Says:

    Thank you Very much. It worked with me.

  3. Rathish Says:

    I tried installing a App called Sygic which is 0.87 GB. I tried all steps of yours but still installation failed. Anyways thanks guys…

  4. matey Says:

    dude its not working same error is cuming again and again

  5. Rissa Says:

    The installous that comes already in a source for cydia includes app sync. When I uninstalled app sync, it uninstalled installous, so I reinstalled them both separately on the source you provided and I still have the same problem. It seems like it says invalid on bigger files… I can download sim city but not rock band on my iPad 2… I am using wifi but it’s the hotspot off my sprint phone so it may be because the file is big and I am on sucky Internet… However it will do it after the download finishes and also before it gets a chance to finish, during the download… If anyone finds a different fix, please let me know!!! I will do the same!!!

  6. Rissa Says:

    I found something that worked for me finally!!!!! DON’T CLOSE INSTALLOUS TIL THE DOWNLOAD FINISHES. PERIOD. I am now able to download apps that I have not been able to download. Really works for me. I found this solution on another website, hopefully it helps someone. Let me know if it does so I could feel like I helped someone plz lol.

  7. yeyeye Says:

    it worked just reinstall appsync

  8. Jennifer Says:

    This is amazing i went to every website possible and when i went to yours i said impossible. I tried it and it worked perfectly. You are the best. Thanks for all your help.

  9. Bean Says:

    When I go onto cydia to get sinfuliphonerepo, it says could not connect to the server! please help

  10. d3 Says:

    Hey, thanks for interesting tips. good job!

  11. Tim Says:

    same thing happened to me and. Reinstall cydia.

  12. Christ lamb Says:

    Some stuff will work some won’t for me in insallous but it’s always the good stuff that ya want says invalid ipa I’ve done the app sync thing it’s still the same even re jail broke phone and now I can’t get sinful repo at all I’m gutted about that

  13. Varun Says:

    I did what you told me but after installing appsync from iphone repo my installous got deleted ! what to do ?
    please help !
    i have iphone 3
    version- 4.1

  14. Charbel fadel Says:

    When i installed it ythe installous has got deleted this stinks

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