invalid IPA error. Not-valid ipa file Correct

Sat, Jun 5, 2010


I just wanted to post to all about the error “Invalid IPA”, when downloading an app off of installous. If you are experiencing this error, its caused by one of two reasons.

1. The ipa file is actually corrupted.

2. You know the ipa file isnt corrupted but, installous (or some other downloader) tells you that it is.


Go into installous. Add the source “” and go through their source and get yourself APPSYNC. You want to make sure you download the one that corresponds with your iphone’s firmware. This is just a fix that will do you wonders. Comment if you need any more help on this topic

UPDATE 08/04/10

If you are on iOS4 Make sure to get the AppSync 4.0 🙂


UPDATE 10/15/2010

With the new jailbreak, we thought we’d open discussions on the forum.

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314 Responses to “invalid IPA error. Not-valid ipa file Correct”

  1. Ana Says:

    please send me
    steps by steps. really need help. tqq

  2. eddie Says:

    I have an iphone 4 and have installous 4 .. i try to download stuff and it says invalid ipa?? i had try for many ways,reinstall still the same,can u please email what should i do?

  3. dice Says:

    It works , thanks G

  4. Riva Says:

    it worked… thank you man u r the best

  5. Josh brown Says:

    I’ve tried it and I apparently already have that crack when I got my installous 4 and it still gives me the error

  6. hasab Says:

    Thanx, I’ve tried it and it works!
    I already had the “AppSync 4.x+” (JailBreak 4.2.1) but the error keep coming but when I installed the “AppSync 4.2” then the installation went fine on all apps from Installous 4.

  7. Noah Says:

    I installed this but it didn’t worked please, I bag you cause I’m
    Desesperate send me an email to help me out
    My email: please help me

  8. Naman mittal Says:

    Having the same error… I have a iPhone 3GS and installous 4

  9. FArouk Beghdadi Says:

    Easy….. go to cydia > manage > Scources > Hackulous > Appsync4.0+ > modify > reinstall It is solved. Bye guys!!
    Viva Palestine & Algeria.

  10. alex Says:

    you rock farouk!!!! tnx a lot!!!

  11. olivia Says:

    can you send me step by step instructions cause how do you add a source

  12. jesse Says:

    it will not work it still says invalid ipa

  13. Snipey Joe Says:

    Worked for me running 4.3.5


  14. wouter Says:

    it doesn’t work whit me it says : size mismatch what do i do?

  15. Romona Says:

    hi there when i try to download apps thru installous….is shows error IPA
    what do i do?

  16. mc Says:

    i am using iphone 3gs with ios 5 , installous 4, some of my download file have invalid ipa prolem , some file downloaded can be installed some can not ( come up with invalid ipa ) how to fix ?

  17. Raminder Says:

    I tried typing in the website “sinfuliphonerepoco” but where do i have to type it in, the internet or intsallous??????

    IM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!

  18. Pepita Says:

    Hey there, I have an Ipod touch 4.2.1 and I have the same problem !! What can I do??? HELP!

  19. Jordan Says:

    Thanks man worked

  20. jack c Says:

    How do U put in a new source Please need help

  21. jack c Says:

    How do U put in a new source? Please need help.

  22. Zain Says:

    So I downloaded sinfuls’ appsync and it took installous away saying that installous had a requirement dependency to appsync. Why won’t it work for it? its Installous 4 (compatible with ios 5) and currently have sinfuls’ appsync 5.x+ ( most recent version so I figure works with ios 5?)

  23. anonomyous Says:

    go to cydia and go to sources
    push edit and add the source there
    then download appsync for your software
    ur welcome(x

  24. yadu Says:

    dint work for me 4.3.5 :/

  25. Marcos Says:

    Aye it wont work it keeps saying the same thing can you send me the instruction 1 by 1 please

  26. jeezuz Says:

    thanks man worked for me

  27. Farouk Beghadi Says:

    Easy….. go to cydia > manage > Scources > Hackulous > Appsync4.0+ > modify > reinstall It is solved. Bye guys!!

  28. Baneeni Says:

    Hi i dont get what you have to do can you please help this is really complicated snd i dont get any thing if you can help me please send me an email on

  29. Shubham Says:

    Dude, You are awesome!
    Love from India!


  30. ipod Says:

    ive tried everything you can think of its just fucked up

  31. conor s Says:

    to add a new source go to cydia -> manage -> sources -> edit -> add ->
    type in ” ”
    Your Welcome. Goodluck!

  32. Sinfullbabe666 Says:

    I have the same problem… I just got my phone hacked yesterday. And i was only allowed to download 1 game! Now what do I do???:(( please help!

  33. Lalala Says:

    When u key in the website they say its invalid so what do i do?

  34. Toni Says: says that there’s a problem with the server host verification, any others anyone’s aware of that works?

  35. Peyman Says:

    Mine also does not work ipad1 4.3.3, it works on my iphone4 4.0.1 but on my ipad no, what can i do can i use appsync 5 or not

  36. Peyman Says:

    I solved this problem , first of all remove both installous and appsync from your idevice then after rebooting it, from hackolous via cydia first instal the approperiate appsync and then the installous, now it can install ipa without any error.

  37. Heriberto Says:

    I hace an iPhone 4 with ios 5.0.1, installous 4 and appsync for ios5.0+ and i have the ipa error everytime should i uninstall it and install the app sync 4.0+?

  38. Cosmo Says:

    it deleted everything on my ipod… i only have newstand left 🙁

  39. Hawk Says:

    I did this and it still didn’t working it made me mad!

  40. nikhil Says:

    i did it but still have the error of invalid ipa ,….not working plz help

  41. pat19 Says:

    i tilried your suggestion and still doesnt work what do i do plz help

  42. Gabbie Says:

    uhhhhhhhh! EVERYTHING GOT DELETED WHEN I DID THAT!!!!!!!!! >:(

  43. gary s Says:

    it uninstalls installous aswell

  44. danielsan Says:


  45. poly Says:

    my iphone 3G problem with ipa please solve me for crack ipa to install it.

  46. pariitosh Says:

    thanx a lot mahn , it worked out on my iphone 4 .

  47. Vignater Says:

    If everything gets deleted, just reboot and it will be back. Happened to me as well..

  48. Dominik Says:

    it doesnt work can you send me pictures of how to do i was deleting installous and installing it but its not working. i got ipod touch 4.2.1, installous 4
    HELP ME!!!!

  49. Dragos Says:

    Thx, it works !!!

  50. Kelly Says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and Ios5 so I install app 5x but the problem still there ( ipa )… What should I do please ?

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