iPad 3.2.2 Firmware and a Jailbreak

Tue, Sep 7, 2010


Ok so we usually discuss iphone related topics but I wanted to share about a topic that annoyed me this week, Jailbreaking an iPad with firmware 3.2.2. If you are stuck in this situation. It is not possible with the latest iTunes to downgrade firmware and jailbreak. You have to wait until a jailbreak is released. Firmware 3.2.2 is the latest firmware and if you have not updated your iPad, DONT. stick to eariler firmwares for now.

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One Response to “iPad 3.2.2 Firmware and a Jailbreak”

  1. azael Says:

    Its hard… But Totally true, after losing hours and hours surfing the web i get to the conclussion THERE IS NO WAY TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS!

    iTunes is not “signing” anymore Sw versions diffrent from 3.2.2, so procedures you might find in order to Downgrade your 3.2.2 versions are not viable anymore.

    This completely sucks! now my $500 USD device is nothing but a big screen with a bunch of “free” crap on it.Heheheheeh very funny hu?

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