AppSync for iOS 4.1

Sun, Oct 24, 2010

iPhone Apps

So what is AppSync? AppSync is now for iOS 4.1 and its a free Cydia app which you need inorder to download apps without getting a corrupted ipa error. This means you can  install cracked apps and games on devices with AppSync.

How do you install AppSync 4.1?

1 – First launch Cydia on your iPhne/iPod Touch and go to the Manage tab.

2 – Tap on Sources and than tap Edit and than Add button.

3 – Type URL repo in the prompted box and click Add Source button.

4 – Cydia will now automatically update your sources and when the installation finished, go to Search tab in Cydia and Search for AppSynce for OS 4.1.

5 – Select the app and install it.

When  you are done, you should be able to install .ipa files(cracked) manually on your 4.1 iOS firmware running iPhone and iPod Touch device.

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