New Addicting Game For iPhone – ‘Cut the Rope’

Fri, Oct 15, 2010

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Cut The Rope Screenshot 300x200 New Addicting Game For iPhone   Cut the Rope

Wanna new addicting game to play on your iPhone? Well Cut The Rope is probably the most addicting game to play for your iPhone right now. This game has nicotine because you really cannot stop it.

The premise of the game is to cut the rope and feed your monster with the ball (or candy). Most levels are extremely challenging especially if you are a perfectionist and need to get all the stars before advancing to the next level. Get this game today. It’s too hot to stop playing. Matter of fact, we are playing the game as we are writing the review.

The characters are too similar to the characters in BustaMove, but we got to say that the gameplay is great and the challenge is definitely there.

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