iPhone 4 – No WiFi Hardware Problem (Greyed out)

Thu, Aug 4, 2011

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iPhone 4 – No WiFi Hardware Problem (Greyed out)

This is a very sad time. My iPhone was submerged underwater when I went Kayaking. I disassembled the iPhone and reassembled (see prior post). I thought all was well until I just now realized that my WiFi is not working. I get a grayed out option as if my iPhone isn’t equipped with a wireless device. I’m sure by now you have heard of the “Chill” Method or reset your network settings, but if you dropped yours in water, more than likely this will not fix the problem.

iphone no wifi greyed outbehnk 200x300 iPhone 4   No WiFi Hardware Problem (Greyed out)

Ive tried both to remedy the issue and no luck. What I have done is purchase a new antenna for your iPhone and I will reinstall it. I’ll post with my luck on this adventure once I get the part. I really do not want to bring my phone into AppleCare only because I just dont want to re-up my firmware and deal with the issue of retweaking the phone the way i want it. Besides………. iPHONE 5 is coming out in September.

=============Update on 8/17/11

iphone 4 wifi screw issue 300x225 iPhone 4   No WiFi Hardware Problem (Greyed out)

I noticed that I had the screws not correctly placed. In fact the “yellow” screw was initially not in the iPhone when I reassembled it. After replacing the Wifi Antenna with no luck, I purchased a screw set off ebay for 2.50 and replaced all the screws. We are back in business.

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14 Responses to “iPhone 4 – No WiFi Hardware Problem (Greyed out)”

  1. SameHere Says:

    Exactly the same with my iPhone – please post how you get on, I’m hoping it’s the antenna and not the motherboard, as everything else is OK

  2. Dave Says:

    I replaced the antenna for the iPhone which you could find on ebay cheap. This didnt fix the problem.

    The solution was that all screws in the cover plates and iPhone NEED to be placed in their respective locations. I believe there is continuity that runs through the iPhone to achieve signal strength and to complete circuits. When I reopened the iPhone I noticed that the iPhone was missing a screw in the bottom of the upper metal backplate. When I placed a screw in there and ensured contact on the base of the LCD screen. My wifi appeared.

    I guess I would say that make sure that all connections are clean. and each screw in its location is the correct screw. I totally underestimated this. Wifi shows now, however my service is intermittent or low.

  3. Melvyn Says:

    Did this work? I somehow think it won’t since the water has probably damaged the actual logic board and/or WiFi chip which is damaged. The same thing has happened to me, and I’m desperately trying to look for a fix. Weird how it get’s grayed out though…

  4. asad Says:

    o bro its hardware prob a battry +ve volts not gose to the wifi input thats why its draind

  5. STRATEGY Says:

    Same thing here, my son dropped it in a sink full of water, it dried out, everything works perfectly except the Wifi which is greyed out.

    Don’t know if I trust myself to open it up and try stuff, but to the OP, do you think you fixed the problem by replacing antenna AND reseating the screws, or do you think just fixing the screws alone did it?

    I don’t have AppleCare on this phone, does anyone know a ballpark figure of what Apple charges for these kinds of repairs?


  6. Joe Says:

    Pls, i have an issue of no wifi on my iphone4 and could this be a problem of antena or what? pls, let somebody help me here.

  7. shenay Says:

    i dropped my phone, a bit embarrassing but in a toilet, everything worked fine. months later i updated it ti ios5 & a week or so after that the wifi wouldnt work at all, i tried everything!! now it says no wi-fi like at the top of the picture. does anyone think talking it apart & looking at the screw will help?
    your comments will be muchly appreciated. please help! thankyou.

  8. niyaz Says:

    nooooo,no mre asking the problome, wi fi gray out not depending te screws or antennas,its hard ware and some software errors problome,wi fi on and searching not strenght thats depeding on antenna nad screws..,

    thank u all,


  9. david Says:

    HI, can anyone help. i dropped mine very briefly in snow (in a two side case and a lil bit of moisure got though the top speaker/mic)
    the screen was flickeringa nd sekaers probs but it dried out an everything seemed to be working fine. I cant get a wifi signal however but it says Wifi not connected (in blue) not greyed out No wifi. i checked with operator and say said i have a wirelsee signal in place and advise i take it t apple store but as im outside warranty this is gonna cost to fix. Has anybody else expereinced same please. Any idea?

    Thanks very much


  10. Adrian Woodward Says:

    Hi guys,

    I have the fix for this, the problem occurs when a component on the mother board breaks, check out our website.

    Or Youtube video, by searching iPhone 4 ‘No Signal or No Wifi’ fix- Blue Inductor/Coil

  11. atili Says:

    hi guys i have the same issue when saw the pic below i did the same thing i replace all the screw and then i reset the network sittings and my wifi just start working fine befor that it was grey !!!!

    thanx guys

  12. being bored Says:

    Hey hun, great blog post. Do you have an rss feed that I can subscribe to?

  13. New screws? Says:

    So do you need to buy new screws or just check and place the old screws again??

  14. Hafidz Says:

    Hi there,

    I purchased a iPhone 4S China Version and unbale to search for a WIFI network. I turned on the Wifi Connection and failed to search the avaialbe network. Need your kind expertise. Thx mate

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