iPhone 4Gs or 5, October 2011?

Wed, Aug 17, 2011


Apple Just ‘Officially’ came out with the white iPhone 4 and they sell those like crazy. I cant understand why any of these rumors of a release of the iPhone 4Gs or 5 are true. Nontheless, the rumors are so ubiquitous that they either have built themselves their own truth or the iPhone will really be released early October.

Is it going to be called the 4Gs or the iPhone 5?

It is going to run iOS5 so I’m basing it off that. It would seem natural to call it the iPhone 5. 4GS would make sense looking back to what they did with the iPhone 3G. Once they increased its processing speed, they called it the 3Gs. Also to attribute to that the body was relativity the same.

Lets hope iPhone 5 comes out with a complete revamp similar to the rumors.

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