No iPhone 5 but a 4S

Thu, Oct 6, 2011

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Well no iPhone 5, but a faster iPhone 4. Apple iPhone 4S pre-orders start at 12:00 a.m. PT/3:00 a.m. ET on Friday October 7th if you really cant wait.

Preorder that iPhone on on Friday!
We are a little disappointed with not increasing the screen size to the rumored sizes, but happy with the A5 chip. The 8mp camera is great too. The fact that it is now a universal world phone is amazing.

So what carrier to use? If you are out of contract but have been grandfathered to have unlimited data, it is recommended that you stay with the carrier. Sprint does have an unlimited everything for 99.99 a month however the speed isnt even close to the HSBA speed of AT&T. Dont forget that with AT&T you are able to browse and talk at the same time. If this still doesnt affect you well then you should choose what carrier is has the best coverage in your area. More than likely its Verizon.

Dont worry about waiting for the next phone. If you purchase the 4GS under a 2 year contract, by the time the iPhone 5 comes out you can sell the 4GS and get the iPhone 5 fairly inexpensive.
Ebay has an instant sell program going on right now for old 4G phones so there will always be an oppurtunity down the road.

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