Will My iPhone 4 case fit an iPhone 4s?

Tue, Oct 11, 2011


4s is different than iphone 4 300x225 Will My iPhone 4 case fit an iPhone 4s?


Should we say typical Apple move or a correction to Antenna gate? So iPhone has been known to tweak a minor design so that you need to re-buy accessories. Example: From the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4 a new iPhone adapter is needed.

This time from iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4s, the designs are slightly off. What does this mean. This means if you have an explicit case where your cover lines up exactly with your 4, it will not align properly with the iPhone 4s. If you have a case where the vibrate and volume is open in a “slot manner” you should be fine. So what is the best case for iPhone 4s? Follow us for details to come.

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