Top iPhone iOS Jailbreak Tweaks for 2012

Tue, Jan 24, 2012


Tweak: (Tw-EEK) A mod done to your device that alters it original performance/function. Not necessarily an app (usually they are not).

iPad 2 and iPhone 4S users, welcome back to the jailbreak scene.

Some tweaks have changed since the old jailbreak and some are new and improved. So here is the skinny. If you want the best tweaks to run on your iPhone 4s or iPad 2, you will first need to add the Cydia sources into your Cydia Sources.

Heres how to do this

  1. Open Cydia
  2. Click ‘Sources’
  3. Click the ‘Edit‘ then ‘Add’
  4. Add the list below

These are the TOP CYDIA SOURCES FOR 2012


Now you add the tweaks!

  1. Get iOS5 SBSETTINGS: New and improved. Comes with tons of new notification toggles, built in carrier name change (makeitmine). If you dont know what this is, this is basically the best shortcut menu you could add to your phone.
  2. Springflash SBSettings toggle: allows you to have a quick link for a flash light. No app needed to load!
  3. BiteSMS: The best text messaging app for the iphone. Allows in app text and way more. Hide the stock one and use this one!
  4. Installulous: Get this to download the apps you wish!
  5. AppSync 5: If you do not get appsync, you will have issues installing programs from Installulous
  6. AndroidLock XT: Great iPhone /Android Lock screen. (noticing that it has some issues with iOS 5 notifications, ITS ANNOYING NOW)
  7. AppLocker: Better than Lockipus or any other. This tweak can lock a folder or an App.
  8. Cydelete: Allows you to delete tweaks outside of Cydia
  9. Cyntact: Gives pictures to all of your contacts in your dialer
  10. Multifl0w: Great Multitask tweak that was around prior, but still kicks butt!
  11. Five-Column Springboard: For those who want a 5×5 springboard. I love it!
  12. iAP Cracker: Hate how a game upsells you in-app? What a great tweak!
  13. iBlacklist: No explaination needed. It rocks and all phones should have it.
  14. iFile: Great file manager for the iPhone.
  15. Mobile Terminal: You will need this to at least change the root password on your phone.
  16. MxTube: Great youtube video downloader
  17. No Folder Badges: removes annoying folder badges.
  18. Open SSH: All phones need this. You can use this to hook up your iPhone/iPad to your PC and view the file management.
  19. VEEncy: nice VNC server for iPhone
  20. Winterboard: for themes
  21. 3G Unrestrictor: Allows a fake Wifi connection for apps that require it.
  22. FaceBreak: Allows Facetime over 3G
  23. MyWi: TBA iPhone tether app that should be available for iOS5 soon.

Use these and you have given a rebirth to your device. Have fun and Enjoy!

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