DrawSomething App Review

Thu, Mar 22, 2012

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Whether you loved Pictionary or you simply love to guess what others are drawing then Drawsomething maybe the app for you. The game gets into the psyche of the addicted gamer by satisfying their need. How does Drawsomething do this? They simply have no end to the leveling up process.

drawsomethingDrawSomethingFreeapp DrawSomething App Review

You can play the game over and over again and the game neither gets progressively harder nor does it have a scoring metric. Casually drawing something for friends is fun an all but this game lacks opponent defeating metrics. If you are simply looking for a happy game to just play then this is great. If you’re the type to want to keep score and see who fairs to be a better drawer, hold off on this one.

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  1. draw something Says:

    Does anyone want to play Draw Something with me? Send me a request at ‘rogue’.

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