Home Button Not Closing Apps on iPhone or iPad?

Thu, Apr 5, 2012


So your iPhone or iPad is not closing apps when you hit the button? Well we have experienced the same problem.

Assuming the physical button is functional we can move on. You can tell if its not hardware by using the home button to do a print screen or use it for double tapping and see if it pulls up Spotlight.

If we know that its not a physical problem, then its possible you are using a jailbroken phone and now it just started acting up. Get yourself either one of two things.

  1. SbSettings or
  2. Backgrounder

With SBSettings you can pull it down and use the processes feature and close out what will not close using the home button.

sbsettings closing an app

sbsettings closing an app

Backgrounder is a good tweak-app that will allow you to close things instead of running things in the background. Try this our if the home button doesnt close apps.

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