Open your iPad or iPhone like Windows Explorer (File Manager)

Fri, Aug 10, 2012


So you miss having the ability to browse through your files and folders like you did on a windows based smart phone or android. Maybe you just wish you had access to the files to see where things are installed and where your files are living on your device.

The most liberating way to do this and by liberating I simply mean leaving the clutches of Apples locked down OS, you will need to have a jailbroken device.

Once you have this, you can simply log into your device via SSH. A great free client for windows users would be WINSCP. All that is needed is the wifi address of the device and the credentials. Hopefully you read our tutorial on how to change the credentials for your device. Having the defaulted user “root” and password “alpine” could leave you prone to attacks.

iphone file viewer 300x205 Open your iPad or iPhone like Windows Explorer (File Manager)

Once you log into your device. You can freely delete, move, copy files like it was a part of your computer. It if very useful when downloading extremely large files. I prefer to do the downloading on the pc and transfer the files via SSH.

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