iPhone 5 Review and Headphone / Mic Jack Acting Up

Wed, Oct 17, 2012


So another chapter in the Apple saga as the new iPhone 5 has been release. All users now can enjoy a full 4 inch diagonal screen, LTE service, Apple Maps and the rest of iOS6 services. I am hoping Apple Maps improves. being that it is the first year with it, I am sure the detail will increase with time. The flyby view is great, but not as useful as a streetview. In any case, IOS6 offers some pretty cool privacy settings where you can only receive calls at certain times of the day and by your a selected list.

Now on with it….

There is an issue where if you plug in your headset, It itsnt taking the call in the earbuds and the mic isnt taking sound. It’s intermittent. Once the phone was restarted that tended to fix the issue. Also slightly pulling out the wire in the jack was helpful. This is a new product – a new headset. Can this already be happening? I smell warranty coverage replacement in the near future.

Another disappointing remark is the slate scratches ever so easily. Judging by the cases in the past that have held our phones, I’m betting that this will scratch inside of a case.

iphone 5 comparison iPhone 5 Review and Headphone / Mic Jack Acting Up

The screen is taller? not wider? I understand that its easier to hold in one hand, but this seems like a cop out to making a screen wider. It was to the coders advantage to do it this way because everything already lays on screen parfectly making it a simple modification. Making it wider would have had to play around with the dimensions of the icons and layout…..its just disappointing.

Will this be the iPhone 10?

Tallest Iphone Ever 190x300 iPhone 5 Review and Headphone / Mic Jack Acting Up

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