How to Jailbreak iOS6 iPhone and iPad

Tue, Feb 5, 2013


At last the Jailbreak for iOS6 is out. It will jailbreak either iOS 6 or 6.1 and its untethered!
A new group that goes by Evad3rs jailbreak team released “evasi0n” which is a user jailbreak tool that makes it completely simple to jailbreak your ios6 device.


Supported devices:

Evasi0n will support 20+ variants of iOS devices, including the likes of iPhone 5, on iOS 6.0 through iOS 6.1. Apple TV 3 however is not supported.

Supported firmware versions:

iOS 6.0, 6.0.1, 6.0.2, 6.1 are all supported.


Windows XP or above / Mac OS X v10.5 or above / Linux
An iOS device running iOS 6.x

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iphone 5 jailbreak evasion untethered app

iPhone 5 untethered

How-to jailbreak iOS 6.1:

So if you have been waiting like the rest of us. here is how to jailbreak your ios5 device.

Please Note:

It is highly recommended to make a complete backup of your device using either iTunes or iCloud before proceeding with the steps below.

  1. Download Evasion Jailbreak tool for the Operating system you are on)
  2. Update your Apple device to firmware 6.1 on the device under settings>>general >>software update
  3. Make sure iTunes is turned off
  4. Connect your Apple device to your computer
  5. Load evasion and click “Jailbreak”
  6. Let it complete the process and reboot.
  7. You have CYDIA!!
  8. Get some awesome repos and enjoy tweaking the phone.

Cydia is not yet complete with a robust selection of ios6 tweaks but we will post some of the best and as assured, the community will grow and more will come.

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