No Headphone Jack?

Mon, Aug 14, 2017


iphone 7 452x254 No Headphone Jack?

The iPhone 7,  7 Plus, 8 and X no longer spot the 3.5 mm headphone jack that we’re all used to. Most took it as a bold move by the guys at Apple in trying to move us forward from technology that pundits such as Jailbreak’s Chief Marketing Officer, Rene Oehlerking, termed as the same type that Sony came up with when they introduced the Walkman over 50 years ago.

All in all, these bespoke iPhone models don’t entirely force everyone who buys those handsets to adapt to the new way of things. In case you’re not feeling as ready as they’d hope you would be, there’s still the lightning adapter included that you can use to connect your usual headphones through your iPhone. Walking around with it might not be as comfortable or convenient, but oh well, this is what users will have to contend with if they don’t want to lose those top of the range headsets that they might’ve spent a fortune on.


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