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iPhone DeathGrip Proof – The problem is the phone

7. July 2010


No Firmware will fix the way your hand kills the reception. Admittedly We agree that all touch to any device will lose some service, but the touch to the iPhone 4G is unbelievable. You will lose all your service from touching the bands around the sides of the phone. This is not what is expected […]

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Adding SBSettings to your iPhone. Wanna Task manager?

10. February 2010

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Adding SBSettings to your iPhone. Wanna Task manager?

Looking for a fast way to manage iPhone settings such as disabling or enabling features like Wi-Fi, 3G, or Bluetooth etc instead of the usual process of using iPhone Setting’s App? Checkout SBSettings which is a replacement of BossPrefs. Its offers faster method to manage your iPhone’s settings especially if you are using some other […]

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How To Get Free Apps (Using Installous)

16. January 2010


Installous. It’s an app you download from cydia to get pretty much any iPhone app for free. So how can you get iPhone apps for Free? JailBroken Phone Required Open Cydia In Cydia, go to “Manage” Click on “Sources”, Then Click “Edit” Click on “Add” in the upper Left Corner and add”” Once you […]

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